Who gets the dog?

Famed Wife Guy comedian John Mulaney (or is he a Male Wife?) is divorcing his Wife. Very Page Six of him. Devastated fans have already tweeted their condolences, astonishments, and accolades two weeks ago when the news dropped, but there is a key question that remains unanswered: who gets the dog? What we know is … Continue reading Who gets the dog?

The Fault in Our SARS-CoV-2

Imagine this: nearly a full year into a once-in-a-century pandemic, with daily fatalities rivaling 9/11, healthcare workers are so beat down by a toxic combination of misinformation and critical communication failure that 29% are refusing to get vaccinated (healthcare workers!). The American death toll is second only to the American Civil War, but is vastly … Continue reading The Fault in Our SARS-CoV-2

Please stop recommending me amateur critique of historical costume in period drama I’m begging you YouTube

According to the YouTube algorithm, there are two types of women. If you’re normal, you’ll be greeted with beauty influencers, make up artists, and skincare hobbyists when you visit the front page. But if YouTube identifies you as a not-like-other-girls girl then there is only one other thing you could possibly be interested in: historical costume enthusiasts reviewing the historical accuracy of the outfits in period drama.

Now You Do What They Told Ya @ Fellow Travelers

The military in the time of coronavirus has put strip-mall recruiting centers on the back burner. With handshakes now the equivalent to launching plague corpses over the city walls, virtual recruiting is taking over the task of enlistment. But this recent shift does not send the Pentagon into uncharted territory. Rather, it vindicates the US Military’s decades-long … Continue reading Now You Do What They Told Ya @ Fellow Travelers

Brainwaves on the airwaves: hyperpop, denpa-kei, and the music of societal collapse💕

Sometimes pop music is cheesy fun. Sometimes it’s a meditation on our impending doom. Sometimes it’s both. In my most incoherent blog yet (I’m trying my best here), I will try to explain why denpa music and hyperpop are optimistic in content, pessimistic in theme, and, well, perfect for any playlist during an economic crash. … Continue reading Brainwaves on the airwaves: hyperpop, denpa-kei, and the music of societal collapse💕

Hard Corps Gaming

A few nights ago, a Navy Esports Twitch mod (a phrase unthinkable in 2018) confirmed some inevitable news: the Marine Corps and Air Force are working on their esports teams. With the publicity being directed at the Army’s flirtation with First Amendment violations, the rest of the US Armed Forces have been building up their … Continue reading Hard Corps Gaming


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